All designers and entrepreneurs will tell you, there is often more pleasure in the dream and the mobilization of energy to achieve this dream as the fulfillment of the dream itself.

Second Life is an incredible platform because it offers to all creators and entrepreneurs the opportunity to express freely, to imagine and create with all the existing media, without complexes and without the means that would be required in real life.

And the creators meet the entrepreneurs, and researchers and educators are working to try new teaching models, collaboration, and little by little the world grows beyond its own limits through the synergies that are formed in the community, outside the community, across languages and cultures. Thanks also to the desire of its creators to push the dream to the limits of what technology can offer.

The collaboration between Philip Rosedale, the visionary, and Mark Kingdon, the maitre d'oeuvre, will push Linden Lab far ahead, even further, where even our imagination dares venture. I believe so, at least for a part of the way . What we saw those last days at the Solutions Providers Conference suggest us the second life of Second Life to come soon .

Professionals of virtual worlds bet on a rapid growth over the next 3 years. A new industry is shaping gradually with individuals and companies coming from the convergence of media, computing, web and telecom. The pre-launch these days of Blue in March 2150 by the company Avatar Reality in collaboration with the National Geographic Society, lets us imagine that the competition looks tough. Linden Lab has clearly understood that to go faster and keeps its leadership, it must rely on its community of entrepreneurs and creators and diversify its proposals for allowing everyone to continue to imagine a world where everything is possible. Where dreams meet everyone without the geographic and social distance.

For us, early adopters, the improvement is really tangible. The simple fact to spend 3 days on a collaborative seminar with people from all over the world speak for itself.
Preachers of a virtual-inhumanity can keep on going.... There will be something for everyone ...

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