Missing the Second Life Community Convention : The power of the community .

I wish I could write more. The making of our makemyworlds website plus the creation of our own island in Second Life, plus regular work, new clients into Second Life, kept me so busy, it just was too much... So in almost 2 Months, a lot is to say, and one post would not be enough...

Maybe I will just start to tell you about my frame of mind, this morning, writing from a small city of the Norman coast in France, eyes watching the long white beach all way across to the Pacific Coast where my S.L. community is holding its annual meeting and that I could not attend for the fist time since I am a Second Life resident.

I miss being there, with you, just gathering with you and sharing experiences and much more... The feeling of belonging to a community of creatives, entrepreneurs, dreamers, imaginers, artists, scientists, genius developpers, hobos .... from all over the world. I miss sharing the breakfast with you, guys, before attending the first meeting, I miss looking at the faces, giving some flesh and corps to an avatar name, I miss to know what happened this year with you Ben from Holland, Carol from Australia, Pikes from Malaisia, Gabriel from Boston, Ab from Seattle, Kigh from Germany, Pahtudee from Chicago...

I miss not being on the picture - which is really a great picture, M. Linden - Not for the picture itself, but to be able to hold this feeling during a whole year after the SLCC, that I am also part of this world, in real.

See, for once, I am not talking about figures, statistics, or social medias, theorizing on an idea of collaborative web 3.0, or buzzing on SL in a social network... No, I am just talking about love... maybe not a romantic love, but a deep emotion that give sense to all of you there to be able to share your Second Life passion.

So next year, why not to come to Europe and give the Old Word an idea of what is SLCC...

I have put the slides of my last year conference at SLCC. Any questions, just ask, I'll be happy to share ....

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