A world without walls, maybe, someday...

Small study tour of the Berlin Wall in Second Life and Twinity, or how to implement a moment of great history in a real-time 3D world .... The idea is to pass not only a series of contents, texts and images, in the memory of the learner, but the real sensation of "separation" in a capital city, and above all the confinement of a part of the city and its people - part of the "free world" - in another hostile world "under dictatorship."...

Explaining this might seem a bit simplistic, but the intention of the author of this blog is not to give a history lesson!

Immersive Internet offers all the components and the qualities to develop new ways of teaching History. It is deeply different from all the audiovisual documentaries since it owns the capacity to make you "feel", cognitively speaking. It does participate only to the intellectual construction, but to the sensorial construction. And in this sense, it changes everything, opening the door to a memorisation where the individual learner can appropriate himself the facts as part of his own history.

Bet that traditional educational publishers will hear the message, and that teachers of the 21st century will also consider educationnal travel for school into virtual environments suitable for children. This won't take anything away from real visits and tours of the sites, but in reality quite the opposite ...

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