Discovering France in Second Life : 3D tourism opportunities

France is the most visited country in the world. About 80 millions tourists from all over the world are coming every year and Paris is the most visited city with about 16 millions people. And I have to admit, it is a fantastic country to travel, and it is true that Paris is a beautiful city too ! I have been living here for 30 years now, often left but always returned ! That is maybe why, the first region I created on Second Life was the famous Champs Elysees where I could try to give a taste of one of most visited avenue in Paris !

Right now, it is snowing big flakes, the conversations here are about how to avoid Paris to be a museum city with no life except tourists ... Night life is going away to Berlin or London, energy is in New York or Tel Aviv, fantasy is in Roma or Barcelona... and Parisian start to be jealous ! French people, if you don't know them, have a great tendancy to grouse, to complain about changes, and others but more of all themselves and about everything... I am not very sure why it is that way, but I had the chance to travel a lot around the world, and this is always something I felt as a painful thing about the people here. Maybe it has something to do about deep and old identity that find it difficult to coop with this new global way of life, maybe it is a strong sense of analysis we cultivate since we are children at school, maybe it is just a trait of personnality, ethnic, historic...

When you live in France, you do not realize so much the chance you have to live here. The country has "a wide variety of landscapes, from coastal plains in the north and west to mountain ranges of the Alps in the south-east, the Massif Central in the south-central and Pyrenees in the south-west". You can cross the country from north to south, or east to west in a day and you' ll see so many different landscapes and will meet so many different types of people, there is no chances for you not to find something you really like, or maybe fall in love with.

If you want to have a taste of this, take a look to some regions of Second Life. Recently I visited Jura and Alsace, and I really thought that was a nice way to discover the country. Jura is close to Switzerland and belongs to a region named Franche-Comté,  you can have an idea of its architecture, industry and landscape there. Alsace is close to Germany, and has a great reputation for its Christmas Markets. You can even order delicatessen directly from Second Life to your hometown !

Those two places may give you an idea of the whole potential for tourism business to "demonstrate" in 3D into Second Life, a sensation that only 3D can give to be in  "there". It is not only about architecture, tourism or culture, but also about economic since you are also able to put in perspective the main sectors of activities from the region, its enterprises or its commerce. Talking about commerce, it is also so easy to link from virtual goods to an e-commerce platform online and allow people to discover and to buy. And it is also a great way to know the people, to go above the cliches and to really enter into relationships as a trempolino to real life meetings.

As we say in french, to try it is to adopt it !
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