Collaboration & Communication in Virtual Environments - Imagina 2010

That has been a long time. Working on conferences takes times and needs concentration. So blogging & tweetting was a little too much.

I had the chance to be invited for MakeMyWorlds, by Eric Seuillet from La Fabrique du Futur, to participate at a round table The revolution of management through virtual worlds at the Imagina Festival in Monaco.

It was a great opportunity to introduce Second Life Enterprise and remind the audience what is the power of immersive internet, and how companies could transform their basic intranet in something we could also called immersive intranet.

As I developed it in earlier posts here, and especially in the last one,  it is all about persistency, 3D and interactivity. It is the convergence of at least those 3 elements that will allow the user to experiment real immersion.

I had not any chance yet to get any videos from them but hopefully the slides here will help...

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